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Tales  on the way home · Contos de tzilleri

Tales on the way home · Contos de tzilleri

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Si consiglia la lettura della versione cartacea in italiano e sardo e dell'audiolibro narrato in sardo

  • Mario Bua Capitta

    Born in Oschiri in 1959, resides and lives in Olbia since 33 years, where he works as an airport officer at the Costa Smeralda. For more than thirty years he has directed the Amistade association, which in Olbia deals with the organizing of cultural events, aimed at enhancing the Sardinian language and culture. With this novel, inspired by real travel stories, the author intends to contribute directly to the normalization of the use of Sardinian language in all its variants and different life contexts, as a small contribution to the liberation of a people, Sardinians.

  • Synopsis · by Francesca Cossu

    Memories are signs of the time that has been, shortcuts to ever living feelings and emotions. The sound of an old soul’s memory tale, transports you on a magical carpet to often unknown spaces in time.
    You can feel, touch and taste the colours and flavours in it and as your senses get so deeply involved, that memory, feeling and experience becomes yours. So, let the sound of his words take you through this kaleidoscopic maize of remote memories soaked in phantasmagorical daydream, And enjoy gliding on its stream, wherever it may take you.

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